About me

My name is Krystallenia but you can call me Christie, I am Greek and based in the charming city of Porto in Portugal for almost 5 years now. My friends have given me the nickname "A romantic observer of life"  because this is what I do: I observe, I imagine and I create.

If my style could be described in 3 words those would be: dreamy, spontaneous, sensitive.

I love to read and create visual stories: in my free time I experiment with conceptual photography and astrophotography.

I love shooting at sunrise and sunset but have learned that a good photographer needs to be able to shoot at any possible light conditions. Therefore, I have studio equipment kept for those rainy days or those professional headshots of yours!

I enjoy long walks with only Spotify by my side. It helps me clear my mind and re-fill it with fresh ideas for fun shootings while scouting for interesting locations!

I have shot weddings and other ceremonies in Portugal, Greece, Spain and Poland. I love to use my passport, so don't hesitate to contact me if you don't live in Porto!

Let's shoot?