Nestor's Baptism

Nestor´s baptism in a summary: Greek hospitality, international guests, beautiful decoration and lots -but lots- of laughing and smiling! And all of this in one of the most picturesque and traditional villages of Greece.

Summer in Greece lasts until the end of September and if you haven´t happened to experience a greek ceremony - baptism or wedding yet,  you should definitely find one and try to get yourself invited. 

Christina and her team from Vintage-Weddings & Events, did a fantastic job decorating the traditional guesthouse according to the surroundings: theme "Forest Wonderland" and a candy bar full of small treasures for everyone, children and adults.

Nestor is possibly one of the happiest and most photogenic babies i have ever met. I was told that he loves nature and that´s why Palaios Panteleimon was chosen for the baptism: Mountainous scenery, trees and falling leaves, sea in the background, serenity and friendly animals were all around us. 

With a Greek mother and a Portuguese father, he is growing up with two mother tongues, with fascination for both the Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean sea and very, very loved. Greeks and Portuguese, even geographically distant have many things in common; both appreciate good food, friends and company, they talk loud and have big and happy hearts. 

From early in the morning on the day of the baptism, with the scent of greek coffee, the warm welcoming and the sound of many languages around I knew it was gonna be a good day. I am very passionate about big family events and always try to look for the smiles around me, and there were so many!

Each big event has its landmark - an important moment that remains forever in one´s memory; To me the moment from that day was when the grandfather took his soon-to-be-baptised grandson in his arms, entered the church and lighted a candle. For the Orthodoxes, this move symbolises the light that we need in our life to guide us.  Grandpa was very moved holding his grandson at an important moment like that and despite the contrast of their ages, you could see the bond was there.

Nestor, Vasso and Herc I wish you all the happiness in the world! Thank you for having me as your photographer and I hope that when Nestor grows up he will look at the photos and say "look how handsome and happy I look, I should always be like that!" ;)

Decoration: Vintage-Weddings & Events (Vintage βελανιδιά, Θεσσαλονίκη)

Photos: Krystallenia Photography

Guesthouse: Pleiades - Παραδοσιακός Ξενώνας Πλειάδες