EVENT: 9º FESTIVAL DAS ARTES – Metamorfoses 22 Julho @Quinta das Lágrimas, Coimbra

End of July, me driving from Porto to Coimbra to work for the 9th Art Festival for one night. I arrive at a magical open air venue called "Quinta das Lágrimas" (Estate of Tears), and Emília (coordinator of the event) gives me a quick tour explaining a little bit of the story behind it all. Little did I know that I would find myself walking in the gardens where one of the most tragic love stories of the history had taken place, before Romeo & Juliet was even written! Needless to say that shooting a concert in the middle of the night at a place like that, was a breathtaking experience. I felt like a child wandering around those beautiful gardens trying to imagine the two unlucky livers back in the 14th century trying to find away to talk to each other.

Here is an article about the love story of Inês & Pedro if you are curious to learn a little bit more: